The Whole Story

You asked for it!
Graduated from Beirut-Lebanon with a degree in digital graphic design, I found myself working in several startups for 3 years in Amman-Jordan before realizing that I wanted to experiment with something different. Something that brings out the child in me, as well as the adult.

And there it was: 2D Animation! From cartooning to stop-motion to animated shorts, I fell in love with every aspect, every little detail. So, after having learnt spanish for 3 years, I went ahead and acquired a 2D Animation Masters degree from 9zeros Animation School in Barcelona.

That's when I really got to learn how animation can be a brilliant tool. From motion graphic videos, to animated educational cartoons, or even games, animation broke the limits of what one can do. I came back to Amman and the world of social media was taking off. I started working at The Online Project (social media agency) and worked my way up from a Senior designer to Head of production.  

I then left work to become a working-from-home mom, working on diverse freelance projects from webdesign, to print media, to application UI design, and motion graphic videos. I found that what always interests me about freelance work is that each project is a whole new experience, a whole new industry and a new challenge. Now I continue to freelance while holding a part-time job as a media designer for Al Asriyya Schools in Amman-Jordan. 

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